Terms of Use

What data do we store?

You can sign-in to Naviko app with your Google account. We store your name, email address and avatar, all populated from your Google account. By registering, you accept tracking your behavior inside the application to improve it over time.

We will also store information related to habits that you enter into the application, such as habit names or daily marks.

What information can other users see?

Users can see information about their mutual habits progress only if they both confirm the friendship.

How do we use this information?

Information we store is used for the purpose of tracking your habits by you and sharing that progress with your friends. We might sometimes ask you for feedback or send you information on topics related only to Naviko. You can opt out from receiving such messages at any time.

How do we store and secure your information?

All data is stored on the Firebase platform. Only Naviko creators (Damian and Adrian) have access to this data. We do not and will not share the data with third parties other than service providers mentioned in this document.

What content I am not allowed to publish?

You are free to set up any habit description but there is no tolerance for objectionable content such as:

  • harmful
  • hateful
  • abusive
  • offensive
  • illegal

We reserve the right to remove such content with no prior notice.

How can I delete my account?

If you want us to permanently delete your account in the Naviko app with all stored information, write to us at support@naviko.app from the email address that was used for registration.